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Resistance reviews round 9 and some more Stoob action

Right, so we’re heading towards the last bunch of Resistance reviews, I think. And here’s one I was waiting for with a great deal of anxiety, Strange Horizons. Fortunately, it’s very kind.

‘A post-modern, comedic, smart romp… Resistance is a thrilling, well-paced, enormously entertaining ride… The book is populated by a large cast of superheroes, written with amazing finesse—Basu’s protagonists, antagonists, and even side characters are engaging when they’re being badass, laugh-out-loud funny when they’re being snarky, and heartbreaking when they’re dying.’  – Strange Horizons

(I feel I should mention, though, that the review discusses, approvingly I think,supposed references to Pacific Rim and Evangelion. Thank you. But I must admit that I haven’t seen Evangelion, and Resistance was written before the Pacific Rim release. So while I would have loved to be more referential, as I always do, any similarity was not intentional.)


A couple more reviews, both very kind:

‘If you haven’t read the first one but are down with non-American supers and women who aren’t just given the short end of the stick, you should definitely read Turbulence (and then Resistance).  If you like superhero stories at all, I suspect you’ll like Basu’s work here.’ – Fistful of Wits.

‘Resistance acts as a love letter to Kaiju, action sequences, pop culture and comic book action heroes.’ – Fangirl Nation/Fanboy Nation

On to Stoob!

In TimeOut, with the lovely Samina Mishra, author and filmmaker, who was kind enough to discuss Stoob with me recently.



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Novelist. Best known for fantasy and science fiction work. Most recently, The City Inside (Tordotcom)/Chosen Spirits (Simon and Schuster)


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