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Resistance Round 8 and Stoob sneaks a cameo

Two Resistance interviews, Stoob and a procompsognathid. And a Resistance excerpt. Interview at Fanboy Comics Interview at Forces of Geek Resistance excerpt on Waterstones. Stoob! Stoob is in the Hindu, in an interview featuring me and a large number of dinosaurs. The Stoob sequel is almost done, by the way.

Time to retire?

It might just be time to retire. Two things happened today. One, this: The photo’s from the New Releases section at Waterstones Piccadilly, where Turbulence was launched last year. Sent by the brilliant Sanghamitra Chakraborty. Reader self: Surrounded by legends! Bookseller self: Exactly. Who will buy yours? Internet self: The other thing that happened today was … Continue reading

Resistance round 6: More love!

Huffington Post piece on “Indian” creatures in lit/pop culture around the world. EXCERPT: Chapter 3, in which we meet the superheroes of the Unit and see what happened to Uzma: SF Signal Another act of great kindness from Ben Aaronovitch. Thanks Ben! A guest post on SciFiNow. And two more super-kind reviews. ‘You think you know which … Continue reading

Finally on io9!

Last year, there were multiple roars of delight in the Basu household as pieces or reviews appeared in most of my favourite sites – Huffington Post, Suvudu, Tor.com, SF Signal, IGN, Wired. The biggest missing name? io9. Which is why I’m delighted to share this, and it gets its own post: An essay on Bollywood … Continue reading

Resistance reviews round 5: Son of Resistance

Resistance main page here. Collected reviews here. Interviews here. Posts/pieces here. A couple of really kind reviews: ‘I can’t recommend this novel enough simply for the engaging plot, but Basu is obviously breaking new ground, especially for American audiences, in uniting international contexts, a diverse array of characters from multiple nations, and the genre of speculative fiction. This novel … Continue reading

Stoob the First is published!

Delighted to announce that The Adventures of Stoob: Testing Times is now published. Buylinks here: Flipkart Amazon You know what to do.

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