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Kickass Bongs #3: Batman was Bengali

or spent a lot of time in Calcutta; how else would he know about the relationship between a ghoti and his fish? From the Batman TV Episode An Egg Grows in Gotham [2.13] Robin: “Ghoti” is “fish”? Batman: See here. English phonetics. GH becomes F, as in “tough” or “laugh”. O becomes I as in … Continue reading

Exploding pens

Had much fun yesterday reading to kids at Eureka Bookstore, probably the best-known store in the city as far as younger readers are concerned. Was asking grave young readers, who were arranged in Roman military formation for some reason. Scholastic should be pleased with me – many copies of Bewitched were sold, though I was … Continue reading

Good morning!

Tales of Hindu Devilry

This is lovely. Sorry, actually meant to link to this, which is also lovely.

Comics quiz :)

Which British superheroine has killed a fearsome monster from Bihar Province? Which (American?) superhero briefly fought alongside a group of heroes called The Unclean in Delhi? Which British superhero’s power-activating magic word translates as ‘How fat!’ in Bengali?

Susan Boyle sings for the Kolkata Knight Riders

I dreamed a dream that we had won But somehow Saurav’s bat was broken And though he’s Bengal’s favourite son It seems the fates, oh, they have spoken Now our fortunes seem to lie In the hands of this young Brendon He seems an ok kind of guy The kind of Kiwi we’ll depend on … Continue reading

Ninja Pandav

There’s a TV show on called Ninja Pandav, the existence of which was revealed to me by a review I read in the Indian Express this morning. While potentially as brilliant as Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (which I can’t wait to read) I can safely say, having seen a few youth-oriented Indian fantasy serials … Continue reading


Just guitar-battled and vanquished Slash. No biggie. heh.12:32 PM Mar 28th from web superbloat4:06 PM Mar 27th from web scanning old pictures11:17 AM Mar 27th from web ah don wanna wurk today10:13 AM Mar 26th from web thanks to everyone on my twitter feed bitching about the BSG finale and lowering expectations, i didnt mind … Continue reading

Stuffed bovine suspended on pylon

and other hits by the fabulous Huma Mulji


# It’s been more than a year since I last played Oblivion # Today I lay down skeleton plot of new book. Or intend to. # Raja! No, superman! # YES! Macgyver movie # dog threesome on the street AGAIN # plumbers are the new rockstars 6:26 PM Mar 16th from web # Stop eating … Continue reading

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