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Comics quiz :)

Which British superheroine has killed a fearsome monster from Bihar Province? Which (American?) superhero briefly fought alongside a group of heroes called The Unclean in Delhi? Which British superhero’s power-activating magic word translates as ‘How fat!’ in Bengali?

Twitter-age LOTR


Just read the Black Dossier’s 3-D section, with glasses and everything. Wow. There should be more of those. Current To-do list. Two screenplays and a book. My mother’s response – ‘Oh, just three things? That’s less than usual, right?’ What I’ve been doing instead: A LOT of random net-news, Transmet and Preacher TPBs, Soon I … Continue reading

Sara aur Tara

ComicBookResources brings you the news of the Virgin/Top Cow crossover event in which Witchblade and Devi get together to kick some demonic posterior. I’m writing the Virgin issue, the second one that concludes the story. Really looking forward to the books; not only will it be great fun working with Mukesh Singh again, but Ron … Continue reading

Unwaba launch, Bombay

Again, thanks everyone who came to the Cal launch, much fun was had. So, Bombay: Date: Tuesday, February 5, 2008 Time: 8:30pm – 9:00pm Location: David Sassoon Library garden Street: opp. Jehangir Art Gallery, Kala Ghoda City/Town: Mumbai, India  In which you come and sample the wonders of the Kala Ghoda Literary Festival, watch hastily-home-made … Continue reading

The sound of inevitability

Do you hear it, Mr. Anderson?

Unwaba launch, Calcutta

First of all, thanks everyone who came to the Delhi launch, and I hope you had a good time; I certainly did. Calcutta launch details: Jan 22nd, 630 pm, Crossword bookstore, Elgin Road. Short presentation, reading and bonding. Do come. I’m also going to the Kala Ghoda Festival between Feb 5 and 10 for a … Continue reading

Well, not that soon

Dear Everyone Who’s Written In Wanting To Know The Exact Release/Launch Date, I’m afraid I don’t know, though I assure you I have asked. Mid-December is what I just heard. But thank you for waiting, and wanting, and for your kind words. This means readings/signing/events, if they happen, will probably – possibly – be in … Continue reading

In case you’ve been living under a rock the last few years and this is the only website you visit…

Hail Minna Dude, man. Your hair! 

Free HP7s

Heading my way. Hehhehe! Lijjat Papad!

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