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Another lifelong ambition realised, muhahaha – a mention in Rich Johnston’s Lying in the Gutters column, the greatest column in the comics universe. Many thanks to the Mystery Man who told me about this – his identity will be revealed when confidentiality clauses permit 🙂 Will put these up in the appropriate sections at some … Continue reading

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: HT review

I read my first Harry Potter book in 1998 on a crowded bus in Calcutta; this was at a time when Pottermania hadn’t risen to rival Beatlemania at its most insane, in a place where you didn’t have to bother with things like adult covers because people were far too busy keeping their faces out … Continue reading

Rocket launch

Yesterday evening, Indrajit Hazra, Anita Roy and I read from our stories at the launch of Superhero, a collection of short stories from Scholastic. Nilanjana S. Roy moderated the discussion in style, at one point even leaving the stage to conduct a ground-level investigation into the hearts and minds of costumed children, one of whom, … Continue reading


I ended my run on Virgin Comics‘ Devi in March, after finishing issue 10, primarily because the work was getting too much to handle and I needed to focus on finishing the book. Have never really posted about the comics (well, I haven’t really been posting about anything) so thought I’d put up links to … Continue reading

Da Vinci Code in five lines

Paul Bettany: (subtitles) This movie is a giant conspiracy by the Church to make sure no one believes the book. This is why I must cut myself and show you my buttocks now. This sucks. They even cut my sex scene with Alfred Molina. Tom Hanks: Oooh, stuff lights up when I look at it. … Continue reading

The Manticore’s Secret: TimeOut Mumbai review

by Rahul Srivastava The equel to India’s first science fiction and fantasy thriller, The Simoqin Prophecies, works remarkably well. Here is Samit Basu again, wildly imaginative and totally in control. This time he frequently allows his cinematic eye to take centre-stage, creating some mesmerising scenes that punctuate the racy narrative – rich descriptions of forested … Continue reading

King Kong in five lines


Lunar Park: TOI

“Regardless of how horrible the events described here might seem,” writes Bret Easton Ellis, author and protagonist, in the first chapter of his new novel, Lunar Park, “there’s one thing you must remember as you hold this book in your hands: all of it really happened, every word is true.” And the book starts off … Continue reading

The Lightning Thief: Hindustan Times

An adolescent superhero who suffers from attention deficit disorder and dyslexia, schoolteachers who suddenly turn into Furies, a summer camp for half-bloods (children of gods and mortals) separated into teams torn apart by ancient quarrels who compete for Quidditch-Cup-esque prizes, a huge movie deal, worldwide publicity – yes, we’re definitely talking about another ‘next Harry … Continue reading

Good day

More traffic coming this way; star desi blogger Amardeep Singh has kind things to say about Simoqin. In case anyones come here from there though, have to say: The book’s available in the US, but wont be for long – I dont have a US publisher, and these are copies Penguin US imported from Penguin … Continue reading

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