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from the EVIL FORCES of…

If there was ever a point of time in your life when Sunday mornings meant waiting through endless Rasna ads for He-Man to show up on DD, if you still remember all the words of the intro (I’m Adam, Prince of Eternia, defender of the secrets of Castle Greyskull..etc, etc) and if you made early … Continue reading

Thought bubble

It’s Free Comic Book Day. Which is lovely, except that there arent’t any comic book stores here. Grah.

Bufo Biffers

If youve got nothing better to do, and chances are you havent, go and read about Raj Comics’ Fighter Toads (Foursome Mutant Mob)

Didn’t know this

Come 2008, Sandman will be back, Gaiman promises, hand on heart

Three (million) reasons to smile

Preacher. Black Orchid. And the complete Asterix. Joy, joy. Am also collaborating with Sarnath on a non-book project, which has been hilarious fun so far. Desperately wish I could draw. Here’s one of the drawings in the pencil stage:

On Comics: City Limits

*note: this is supposed to be missionary-type article, and is not meant for you comics-literate types* Back in the days when the Internet, mobile phones and digital video cameras were as sci-fi as Flash Gordon, when Indrajaal Comics were everywhere and Bahadur, Mandrake and Phantom ruled the hearts and minds of Indian kids, comics knew … Continue reading

Sinister Bengalis in comics

From The Dreaming no. 52, by Caitlin R. Kiernan, Vertigo

Pics as promised

Here are some of Sarnath’s pictures. There are more, but I got tired of uploading…:)

On the bright side

In the last few days, Ive reread The Dark Knight Strikes Again, Batman Year One and Scott McCloud, and read three Sin City books: The Big Fat Kill, A Dame to Kill for, and the initial sequence starring Marv. Reading Moore’s From Hell now. Update: The rest of Sin City, V for Vendetta, Mr. Punch, … Continue reading

Batman anthology

Went to a Gurgaon mall for the first time in my life yesterday; most exciting. Watched fat aunties and their fat kids eating fattening food, and bought this book which is a collection of the first 10-11 Batman comics. Excellent stuff, full of old-world charm. Batman (The Bat-man, I mean) kills people and fights off … Continue reading

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