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Apex Book of World SF 2

I tend to do things in the wrong order; I’ve done this all through my writing career. I got a novel published before I started blogging, I became a journalist after becoming a writer, and now, to add to the list, I’ve had several novels out before I got my first story in an international … Continue reading

You have (1) Superhero Upgrades Available.

(posted earlier on the Titan Books site, here) It’s amazing that superheroes are still popular, because our concerns as a species have become terrifyingly small. Earlier generations used to really believe in things; gods, life in outer space waiting to greet or annihilate us, nuclear bombs, unknown monsters, evil, identikit foreigners. It was an easier … Continue reading

GameWorld out worldwide on Kindle soon!

Just going through a final edit of the trilogy before I send it off. It should be out in a month or so. It feels very strange to read something you wrote a decade ago. You were a different person, and it really shows in the writing.

Gameworld out on Kindle for the Indian subcontinent!

The fantastic Chiki Sarkar at Penguin India wrote to say that among the ranks of the first battalion making Penguin India’s biggest ebook publisher stood these three: The Simoqin Prophecies The Manticore’s Secret The Unwaba Revelations For readers outside India, more exciting ebook news soon!

Fasten your seatbelts, Turbulence expected July 6!

Turbulence is out in the UK in three weeks. Which means I’ve reached a state of silent panic half a world away. I’ll be visiting the UK in September/October to do a bunch of events. Early feedback has been good – one review in particular that I’m thrilled about and will be posting here when … Continue reading

Turbulence UK cover

JLF 2012

Just back from Jaipur. So much happened, so many stories to tell, but already deadlines loom and so I’ll just run away after posting some links, as usual. Here’s a piece I did for the BBC on five highlights of the Jaipur festival. Here’s the text: THE RUSHDIE CONTROVERSY If there was one unifying theme … Continue reading

George RR Martin

Here‘s a GRRM piece I wrote for the Sunday Guardian.

Putu returns, and other heroic nonsense

Putu is a Hero now Putu is a Hero now. Stop him if you can but how? Putu wearing underwear Wiggling like he just don’t care. Putu stopping every villain Only bruisin, never killin, Putu shooting beam from eye, Like a lightning in the sky. Putu having honour code, Always paying what is owed, Never … Continue reading

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