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Putu returns, and other heroic nonsense

Putu is a Hero now

Putu is a Hero now.

Stop him if you can but how?

Putu wearing underwear

Wiggling like he just don’t care.

Putu stopping every villain

Only bruisin, never killin,

Putu shooting beam from eye,

Like a lightning in the sky.

Putu having honour code,

Always paying what is owed,

Never taking law in hand,

Except when is real demand

Putu having secret name,

Out of custom, not of shame,

Secret Putu mild in manner,

Self-effacing urban planner.

Is your city facing crime?

Naughty  people all the time?

Never worry Putu here

Striking pose and heart with fear.

Sinner Son and Demon Daughter,

Super Squid from underwater,

All these villains, without fail,

Putu putting in the jail.

So if you are facing trouble,

Someone turning house to rubble,

Someone steal your ancient treasure,

Someone causing you displeasure,

Someone robbing local bank,

Someone crushing you with tank,

Someone making life less simple,

Someone playing with your pimple,

Someone teasing your friend Rhonda,

Throwing her to anaconda,

Someone doing vulgar gesture,

Someone eating cow in pasture,

Someone pinching you in thighs,

Setting off nuclear device,

Telling you cuboid is prism,

Indulging in terrorism,

Delaying your application,

Hogging buttons of PlayStation,

Or committing other crime,

Do not worry! Just take time,

Smile a smile and make a call,

Putu will come and fix all,

You are laughing, saying Wow,

Putu is a Hero now.

(In case you have never met Putu before, you can read about his literary career here)


Where is the mighty Pehelwan, who could lift thirty tractors?

Why did he leave the city?  What were the causing factors?

He should’ve been a hero, a champion without peer,

A spokesperson for PETA, a model for Fruit Beer,

His name should have been sung out loud from Kohima to Leh,

But no, he’s gone, he’s lost it all, he’s carting dung today.

His brow honest and sweaty, his triceps well defined,

His hair providing shelter to his sadly feeble mind,

Oh Pehelwan, we lost you and your mighty, manly muscles,

When you lost your way that day and fled the urban bustle.

When times are dark and full of foes and monsters mean and rotten

We wish you were on Facebook; your number we’ve forgotten.


Hey, listen, look! Up in the sky!

I’d rather not – No, look! Up high!

Is that a bird? Is that a plane?

Yes, it’s a plane. Don’t ask again.

I thought it was – I know. Please stop.

Superman!  – Oh God. Shut up.

He strides the sky – No. Different guy.

Faster than a speeding – Why?

Why would you think that plane was him?

Look at its wings! Its purple trim!

Look at the logo on its tail!

It’s a plane – Or, a flying whale.

A beached whale saved by Superman!

He put it in a big old can

So it could breathe! Now wait and see

He’s going to toss it in the sea!

Go save that poor whale, Superman!

If you can’t do it, no one can!

Moti The Wonder Dog

Moti can do tricks with his tail and with his tongue and he can bite right through an iron bar.

If Moti’s after you it means you did a bad thing and he can outrun you even if you have a car.

There’s no point trying to bribe him with biscuits or meat or sticks, Moti is incorruptible.

You could shoot him with a gun or a bazooka but it wouldn’t matter, Moti is indestructible.

Moti doesn’t bark much because he spends most of his time in quiet contemplation.

He doesn’t have opposable thumbs so he can’t write it down, but Moti knows the secret of Creation.

Moti’s father was a circus dog but his mother studied Anthropology in Australia.

She didn’t finish her Ph.D. so in the Wonder Dog family she’s considered a bit of a failure.

Moti has one weakness; his moral compass fails when it comes to cats and, for some reason, rabbits.

He hunts them down even if they’re not criminals. But Moti really has no other bad habits.


About Samit Basu

Novelist. Best known for fantasy and science fiction work. Most recently, The City Inside (Tordotcom)/Chosen Spirits (Simon and Schuster)


2 thoughts on “Putu returns, and other heroic nonsense

  1. “Someone playing with your pimple…” Evil, evil!!!

    Posted by p2c2u | September 30, 2011, 12:49 pm
  2. is this something of a suggestion for a new book?

    Posted by Jash Dholani | October 5, 2011, 10:58 am

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September 2011


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