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from the EVIL FORCES of…

If there was ever a point of time in your life when Sunday mornings meant waiting through endless Rasna ads for He-Man to show up on DD, if you still remember all the words of the intro (I’m Adam, Prince of Eternia, defender of the secrets of Castle Greyskull..etc, etc) and if you made early … Continue reading

Feeling Loki?

The ancient Vikings used to play this game, in between sailing and skullduggery. Now you can too. Hnefatafl online


Four years after our soul-stirring performance at Seagull bookstore, Cal, Arjun finally managed to scan a few pictures and send them. Am posting one from the rehearsals – Vijay practising General Melchett while Ratnabali (Blackadder) me (George) and Arjun (Baldrick) look on proudly and one of Arjun and Arpita from the Monty Python sketch where … Continue reading


was eaten empty by self, Stoob and practically-engaged Broto yesterday – in an almost-recap of his now-internationally-famous proposal, he flew into town and took us out to dinner. We waited most eagerly, but he said nothing even vaguely romantic afterwards. Much fun was had discussing the complete debauchery which will happen next year, with everyone … Continue reading


Have finally stopped being ill. Which is a good thing. For me, at least. Also got some really good news yesterday – the Big To now has a girlfriend. Got her in style too – flew down to Cal, fed her dinner at the Grand, spouted at her until she simpered and blushed. Stoob and … Continue reading


So hot. Too hot to do anything, especially work. Frequent reminders of how friends in Bombay and Cal are enjoying the monsoons dont help either. Need to move, I think. This flat is killing me slowly.

Another weekemd whizzed by

faster than Adams’ deadlines. Stuff that happened: Missed various deadlines for GICS. Wonder if they still want me to work for them, given the drastic drop in interest on both sides. Got coated with makeup (apparently I have good skin) and sat under lights for hours shooting for the sitcom. Didnt forget my lines, which … Continue reading

The IQfest continues…

Just saw Dhoom. Made me realize ive watched a lot of action movies…can identify the source of nearly every shot. of course, dhoom is a movie i relate to deeply from my personal biking experience. yes, you didnt know it, but im a speed racer. most memorable bike-related incidents. 1. in control of bike as … Continue reading

Debouch! Sux Manyak!

Stoob called last night, and informed me amidst great hilarity that Bulbul mashi (the lady across the street from our Delhi flat who feeds him and loves him, but not in THAT way…yet) referred to the guy who lives with the gorgeous BlueBaby across the street (subject of our voyeuristic fantasies…when she comes out to … Continue reading

Must remember

….to write script based on the events of 31st december, 2001. long conversation with vijay. the following must be made immortal…. 1) The Five Elements 2) The Seven-Room Marathon 3) The Bacardi Thieves 4) The Sniffler on Film 5) What Transpired on the Sofa 6) The Mysterious Bearded Man 7) The Lady in Red 8) … Continue reading

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