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Finally on io9!

Last year, there were multiple roars of delight in the Basu household as pieces or reviews appeared in most of my favourite sites – Huffington Post, Suvudu, Tor.com, SF Signal, IGN, Wired. The biggest missing name? io9. Which is why I’m delighted to share this, and it gets its own post: An essay on Bollywood … Continue reading

Resistance reviews round 5: Son of Resistance

Resistance main page here. Collected reviews here. Interviews here. Posts/pieces here. A couple of really kind reviews: ‘I can’t recommend this novel enough simply for the engaging plot, but Basu is obviously breaking new ground, especially for American audiences, in uniting international contexts, a diverse array of characters from multiple nations, and the genre of speculative fiction. This novel … Continue reading

Stoob the First is published!

Delighted to announce that The Adventures of Stoob: Testing Times is now published. Buylinks here: Flipkart Amazon You know what to do.

Resistance reviews round 4: Return of Resistance

Resistance main page here. Collected reviews here. A few reviews I’ve been waiting to share – Curiosity of a Social Misfit, FanGirl Confessions, and Muggenet, which is a site that as a long-term Potterhead I’ve been to several times. It’s an honour to see my own work there – and a five-star review? Super grateful. Warning, though: … Continue reading

Resistance/Turbulence reviews as we head towards pub-day

Some more kind reviews of Resistance are in as we head towards publication day – less than two weeks to go now! The Resistance central page is up. ‘It’s a great read that spans the world and somehow manages to keep things organized and highly entertaining without skipping a beat.’ – City of Films ‘Basu … Continue reading

Resistance excerpt out on Tor.com

Tor.com is one of my favourite sites on the whole Internet, and has always been a source of great joy and discovery. Imagine my absolute delight, then, when I find the first chapter of Resistance in it. Resistance Chapter One on Tor.com

Publishers Weekly starred review for Resistance

Coming soon: Resistance and Stoob.

Resistance is out in the UK and US in July. Was thrilled a few days ago when Nick Harkaway (of whose work I’m a big fan, and I cannot wait to read Tigerman) read and liked Resistance. Here’s his early review. “Fresh, exciting heroics with a serious spine. What’s not to like?” – Nick Harkaway … Continue reading

Gameworld audiobooks!

Out on Audible. Read by GoT’s robust Ramon Tikaram, who must be thoroughly sick of my work by now. The Simoqin Prophecies The Manticore’s Secret The Unwaba Revelations

Resistance proofs from Titan at the Zeno office

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