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Double emergence

The Week is now my favourite magazine. There was the Indian fantasy thing, and now my bit in this week’s cover story on emerging Indians will explain why.

Falling Forest Trees.

Cover story on Indian fantasy in The Week. National newsmagazine, people. Walls, writing on . See, now we actually exist.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: HT review

I read my first Harry Potter book in 1998 on a crowded bus in Calcutta; this was at a time when Pottermania hadn’t risen to rival Beatlemania at its most insane, in a place where you didn’t have to bother with things like adult covers because people were far too busy keeping their faces out … Continue reading

Free HP7s

Heading my way. Hehhehe! Lijjat Papad!

Up, up, away, etc.

Was in Cal last weekend, where the Superhero! launch went very well; there were people behind the people who were standing because the chairs were full, one superhero-costumed kid, one baby, several Young Journalist types and later there was a dinner with many, many school principals which ended, predictable, with the authors clustered around the … Continue reading

In a cottage cheese cottage

You’ve probably seen them before. But in case you haven’t, and I hadn’t before the sage Aishwarya brought them into my life a few days ago…ladies and gentlemen, may I proudly present…Flight of the Conchords.

Rocket launch

Yesterday evening, Indrajit Hazra, Anita Roy and I read from our stories at the launch of Superhero, a collection of short stories from Scholastic. Nilanjana S. Roy moderated the discussion in style, at one point even leaving the stage to conduct a ground-level investigation into the hearts and minds of costumed children, one of whom, … Continue reading

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