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Didn’t know this

Come 2008, Sandman will be back, Gaiman promises, hand on heart

Three (million) reasons to smile

Preacher. Black Orchid. And the complete Asterix. Joy, joy. Am also collaborating with Sarnath on a non-book project, which has been hilarious fun so far. Desperately wish I could draw. Here’s one of the drawings in the pencil stage:

No more Chennai auntie massage

Greatbong’s moving tribute to pioneering Indian? pornsite desibaba.com


From the Internet Writing Journal, an article about author blogs. There’s also a list of the best author blogs. Link via Emerald City


Abhimanyu has this great post up about being a culture vulture in NY libraries, and finding a graphic novel about Superman by John Cleese. Go read.

Girl, Anticipated. And feed my cat.

I started this blog nearly a year back (9 days to go, actually) in Calcutta, somewhere in the middle of writing Manticore, for a few reasons, none of them particularly significant. I’d been blogging as part of an anonymous feline collablog, Putu the Cat, for a while, and found myself ever so slightly restricted there, … Continue reading

Seth at SAJA

“You can describe what a duck is, but if somebody hasn’t even seen a duck…”

This means war

It will help my research considerably if you list your top five battle scenes (army v army, not individual) in fantasy, either in comments or via email. Thanks! Mine are these, in no particular order: Helm’s Deep Witches v Gobblers in Northern Lights Five Armies Dark v Light in Grunts Dros Delnoch (Druss v Ulric)

What Katie did next

For those who have been asking – I am not Kobi Thakur. Who is this rambunctious rhymer? Ah well. Sherpa wanders in, sporting long, flowing Gandalf Milk Beard and dreamy expression. ‘Are you Kobi Thakur?’ I ask. ‘For you, bebbe,’ says Sherpa, ‘I could be.’

Destiny, baby:)

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