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This is one of those key moments

I feel it Inspiration is about to strike. Please be quiet for a minute. Nope, not yet. Maybe later

Its somebodys birthday today

But I dont remember whose. thinking of sending out bulk greetings, but its probably not a good idea. Happy birthday, in case youre reading this and its your birthday. Youre really special to me, and i hope you know that.

How to make a writer feel special

1. Invite him to write a short story for an anthology, thus making him feel warm and fuzzy and part of the literary elite. Do, however, let him know of the need to submit the story by the given deadline, because the industry, as we all know, moves at a hurricane pace. 2. When the … Continue reading

The link magnet

is beginning to work, though in unlikely combinations. someone came here searching for elastigirl porn

The days are blurry again…

and i havent been writing. which means ive been playing computer games again – tv and film can be divided into discrete time slots. ive been playing one of my favourite games – 1996’s best game, Diablo. Ive just reached the lowest levels of the dungeons after endless hours of play, and am beginning to … Continue reading

Since then…

In the mood for love, Zelig, Everything you always wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask, zoolander, master and commander, harry potter 3, pulp fiction, scary movie 1 and 2, city of god, women on the verge of a nervous breakdown, fight club went again. bought memento, dreamers, bowling for columbine, once … Continue reading


just got married. in canada. to a girl from buenos aires. and sunay gets married this year. scary. sure, lots of other people from school are married – some even have kids. but when it infiltrates the inner circles…woo. stoob has promised to get married by next year…ie, stop being a sailor and decide on … Continue reading


The Indian print media recogmizes the wonderful work zigzackly is going at tsunami help.

DVD bonanza

I have added the following DVDs to my scattered collection City of God Fight Club Adaptation Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels In the Mood for Love Y Tu Mama Tambien Yojimbo

Tokyo Cancelled

by Rana Dasgupta. go read it. reminded me strongly of the Sandman book where beings from different worlds get stuck in an inn at the end of time when a reality storm alters all universes. except for the fact that its set in our world, and all the people in it are scarily real. will … Continue reading

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