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Das Fest der Zwerge   This is an anthology of fantasy stories from my German publishers, Piper. One of these stories, The Year of the Ape, starring the Silver Dagger and Kirin, is mine. It’s also in German, and also features a story by (ahem) Ray Bradbury. The theme of the anthology is Christmas/year-end feasts. … Continue reading


I ended my run on Virgin Comics‘ Devi in March, after finishing issue 10, primarily because the work was getting too much to handle and I needed to focus on finishing the book. Have never really posted about the comics (well, I haven’t really been posting about anything) so thought I’d put up links to … Continue reading

Virgin November solicits

This is why I havent been blogging.Im writing Devi from #3 onwards; Devi 1 comes out September in India, my stuff from November, monthly (July, September onwards respectively abroad) and EoS from November abroad, hopefully from November in India too. Update: Amend that to ‘I really don’t know when anything’s out, I hope it’s all … Continue reading

Comics, graphic novels and Indian speculative fiction

Speculative fiction and comics have gone hand in hand from the verybeginning; even today, apart from the mainstream superhero comicbooks,which are essentially spec-fic, the greatest and best-known comicwriters in the world, like Alan Moore or Neil Gaiman, are wildlypopular for SF and fantasy creations which use the comic-book medium’sability to tell compelling stories and create … Continue reading

Gotham Chopra interview

Gotham Chopra has played many roles in huge projects across media, from writing books to producing Hollywood movies. He is currently Chief Creative Officer at Virgin Comics and Animation Q: Graphic novels and comics are the fastest growing market in fiction today, and Virgin Comics and Animation seems like a fascinating project. You’re not only … Continue reading

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