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Some say I am Sweety

Pakistan’s answer to If You Come Today. Courtesy Namrata Joshi. Can’t decide which one is better.

In case you have so much work your ears are bubbling

…here’s some stuff to distract you and make things worse. Alan Moore (God) on porn. Kassia Kroszer on the future of publishing via The Mumpsimus. Yes, I know how you feel.

All you can say is ‘Aaahhh!’

Come On Friends, Join Me! After the immortal classic that was If You Come Today, Will You Permit Me to Personally present another Rajkumar classic – Love Me or Hate me Ani – for the link, Million Times Beating My Heart. Much gratitude. Everybody…Come On, Clap! Now, bugger off, all of you. Malati Wants To … Continue reading

Gushfest #2

Well, just spent another weekend with my nephew, so… Will try not to do this every time I meet him.

Capital Letters: Outlook City Limits

this was for the Capital Letters section in Outlook City Limits’ new issue In A Dream of a Thousand Cats, Neil Gaiman wrote that cats ruled the worlds before humans did, and could dream themselves back into power – if only a thousand cats could dream of the same world at the same time. Cats … Continue reading

Operation Diamond Racket

I have now seen the ‘If you come today…’ video about 400 times, and am completely in love. Such exquisite coolness…have mailed the video to lots of people, so by the six forwards of separation rule you should get it soon.

Here to stay

Say hello to Sherpa

Ah, nostalgia.

Just discovered they show The A-Team on Star World Oh joy.

Batman anthology

Went to a Gurgaon mall for the first time in my life yesterday; most exciting. Watched fat aunties and their fat kids eating fattening food, and bought this book which is a collection of the first 10-11 Batman comics. Excellent stuff, full of old-world charm. Batman (The Bat-man, I mean) kills people and fights off … Continue reading

God exists

and his name is Jack Sparrow

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