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HT comics column .2

If you’re interested in comics at all, you’re probably aware that Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson are both going to make movies based on the adventures of Tintin, India’s favourite comicbook detective. And if not, well, I just told you, so now you know. What’s most intriguing about these films is the new technology they’re … Continue reading

HT comics column .3

Apologies for dumping this on the main page now that I have an Articles section, but cant seem to find the link on the HT site Last month, Persepolis, an animated film based on the books by Iranian comics writer/artist and irregular New York Times columnist Marjane Satrapi, was nominated for the Palm d’Or and … Continue reading

Shaun of the Dead

Truly wonderful movie, witty, romantic, touching, even scary, combining the off-beat humour of The Office with gently moaning, flesh-chomping zombies straight out of movies like Dawn of the Dead/Night of the Living Dead. Everyman heroes, tea, cricket bats, a world where the solution to everything, even Judgment Day, is going down to the pub for … Continue reading

Tod, Shekhar, tod!

Saw Parineeta, which is an OK-type film except for the ending – never before have I seen a period film where the climax is whacked from a cement ad. Saif Khan attacks a brick wall with a variety of lawn ornaments, while wedding guests, family and cheerful retainers egg him on with word and gesture, … Continue reading

God exists

and his name is Jack Sparrow

The final cut

So, three blocks of text to go, and how do i spend my day? most productively. watched shark tale and kill bill vol 2. shark tale is fun, though not great. dont watch if you dont like will smith. angelina jolie is really attractive even as a fish but my favourite cartoon heartstopper (movie, lets … Continue reading

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