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Operation Diamond Racket

I have now seen the ‘If you come today…’ video about 400 times, and am completely in love. Such exquisite coolness…have mailed the video to lots of people, so by the six forwards of separation rule you should get it soon.

One little duck went out to play

The Duck of Destiny turns one today. I suppose I should say something profound. Hmm. Nope. Sorry. Try these links instead. Why a Duck? Am I a duck?

What Katie did next

For those who have been asking – I am not Kobi Thakur. Who is this rambunctious rhymer? Ah well. Sherpa wanders in, sporting long, flowing Gandalf Milk Beard and dreamy expression. ‘Are you Kobi Thakur?’ I ask. ‘For you, bebbe,’ says Sherpa, ‘I could be.’

I want to break free

Godzilla: the real message

It’s difficult to get a cab in New York


In my inbox today.. would you please help me out here…. well um my best friend, she has kind of become obsessive about kirin after her third reading of the book, so much so that she’s probably going 2 want 2 marry sum1 “soooooooo coooool!!!” as him!! she’s even in love with the name kirin … Continue reading

Pics as promised

Here are some of Sarnath’s pictures. There are more, but I got tired of uploading…:)


capn jack sparrow says: vill you be my…wulentine? Antara says: i vill i vill. capn jack sparrow says: (rose) capn jack sparrow says: i hef for you a…roze capn jack sparrow says: (parcel) Antara says: a roze is a roze bhy any uther naym. capn jack sparrow says: i hef for you a….parl naycles Antara … Continue reading

Spare the children

Just remembered Im also supposed to write a story for Puffin kids anthology by the 10th. Splat! goes my brain on the microwave door.


Wondering how long it will be before Putu finds this blog. Assuming 1) I dont tell Putu myself 2) I dont comment on Putus blog here 3) I just visit Putu’s blog from here, thus leaving telltale links In other words, the quicker Putu gets here, the bigger a net geek Putu is.

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