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We the Tweeple

Was on an NDTV show, We the People, a couple of weeks ago. It was about Twitter. Much fun. The video is here.

The King Kong game

…made a brief but glorious comeback last evening. First played one evening in late 2004 by myself, Rana Dasgupta, Monica Narula, Shuddhabrata Sengupta and Sayoni Basu, this game involves the identification and classification of great apes through sets of two cunning clues. Two classic examples: What do you call a green-transport-using great ape of ambivalent … Continue reading



Pleased to report that the Deccan Herald had The Unwaba Revelations at #2 on its fiction bestseller list today. I know bestseller lists in India mean next to nothing because the total numbers are so low and the bookstores sampled often don’t reveal any kind of overall trend – Simoqin and Manticore both made their … Continue reading

Happy New Year

I had an incredible start to the year, and hope you did too. Here’s wishing you and yours the very best.

Official Welcome Message

Thank for your trouble. Good of you to join us. And now, stand for anthem.

Lost twin

Somehow, I knew this day would come. They got the age a bit wrong, though.

The Naked Truth

Well into book, should finish by March. Yes, I know I promised February, but that won’t happen. Even finishing by March involves a hell of a lot of all-nighters; I am old now and I write slowly. What to do.Thanks everyone who’s written in urging me to get on with it; you are not, repeat … Continue reading



Ultimate Coolness Parts I and II

Part 1: Little SuperstarPart 2: Flying Robot

Silly Pic time

tagged by Teleute. Calcutta, 2006. The poster behind me explains my actions, of course. I tag Antara, Momo, Bini and the Bagchi

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