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Can you stop the pain inside, when science and myth collide?

In the Times of India on new Indian Bad Science Fiction And on We the People, NDTV, in a big science v myth smackdown

The Fantasy for Good charity anthology

Just realised I hadn’t put a link to this lovely book on the site (had it up on FB and Twitter of course). Fantasy for Good, a charity anthology. Proceeds go to colon cancer research. Features Gaiman, GRR Martin, Zelazny, and other such. Get it here

Litfestive season

So, it’s that annual winter surfacing before I disappear into several ethers again. Will be at Jaipur litfest doing these: 23rd Jan at 2:15pm “From Here to Hogwarts” Samit Basu Experience school stories, both real world and genre, what makes them good and what makes them last. Build stories with a set of characters in … Continue reading

Resistance Lives! A joyous round 11 (with some Stoob on the side)

Haven’t been posting for the longest time, and this bunch of reviews/interviews/things has been on my mind for a while. Resistance is still doing its thing out there, as we head towards another winter. Stoob 2 is to be published soon, the first round of artwork is in, and in the meantime I’m very grateful … Continue reading

Resistance reviews round 10 and that whole Chetan Bhagat thing

Well, we’re midway through August, so this might be the last round of US/UK reviews – once again, I’ve been incredibly lucky, and thanks everyone for your kindness. I’ll post more of these when there are enough to collect into more posts. ‘Basu manages to characterize many of them very intensely for the amount of … Continue reading

Resistance reviews round 9 and some more Stoob action

Right, so we’re heading towards the last bunch of Resistance reviews, I think. And here’s one I was waiting for with a great deal of anxiety, Strange Horizons. Fortunately, it’s very kind. ‘A post-modern, comedic, smart romp… Resistance is a thrilling, well-paced, enormously entertaining ride… The book is populated by a large cast of superheroes, written with amazing finesse—Basu’s … Continue reading

Resistance Round 8 and Stoob sneaks a cameo

Two Resistance interviews, Stoob and a procompsognathid. And a Resistance excerpt. Interview at Fanboy Comics Interview at Forces of Geek Resistance excerpt on Waterstones. Stoob! Stoob is in the Hindu, in an interview featuring me and a large number of dinosaurs. The Stoob sequel is almost done, by the way.

Time to retire?

It might just be time to retire. Two things happened today. One, this: The photo’s from the New Releases section at Waterstones Piccadilly, where Turbulence was launched last year. Sent by the brilliant Sanghamitra Chakraborty. Reader self: Surrounded by legends! Bookseller self: Exactly. Who will buy yours? Internet self: The other thing that happened today was … Continue reading

Resistance round 6: More love!

Huffington Post piece on “Indian” creatures in lit/pop culture around the world. EXCERPT: Chapter 3, in which we meet the superheroes of the Unit and see what happened to Uzma: SF Signal Another act of great kindness from Ben Aaronovitch. Thanks Ben! A guest post on SciFiNow. And two more super-kind reviews. ‘You think you know which … Continue reading

Finally on io9!

Last year, there were multiple roars of delight in the Basu household as pieces or reviews appeared in most of my favourite sites – Huffington Post, Suvudu, Tor.com, SF Signal, IGN, Wired. The biggest missing name? io9. Which is why I’m delighted to share this, and it gets its own post: An essay on Bollywood … Continue reading

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