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Turbulence: Events and updates

Further updates and links here:


Update – The book tour is done, and after travelling from Calcutta to Jaipur to Kochi to Bangalore to Bombay for round 2, I”m fairly glad it’s over. Much fun was had, and there are a few updates, and this is a big one: Mumbai Mirror on Turbulence going Bollywood. The last few days have been full of meetings with film types, who basically have the same Bollywood conversations that us civilians do, but for a living.

Also, many thanks, once again, to the fantastic Ben Aaronovitch, who puts me in his humour list. Considering the company, and the maker of the list, I’m deeply honoured.

Turbulence reviewed in Biblio and Caravan

Also: Deccan Herald review. Bloomberg UTVs report/review video

Update: Outlook magazine review of Turbulence.

Also, a video, NDTV-Hindu report on a launch.

And interviews in Bookchums and Blogadda, a Bookchums review and a review in Helter Skelter.

Yes, another Update: Hindustan Times review. Also, Turbulence appeared at number 1 on the Oxford bookstore bestseller list last week (Rushdie,the Booker winner for this year, Robert Jordan and Satyajit Ray were nos 2 to 5, so I am cackling in delight) and was talked about on the India Today last page newsmaker thingie. Cue more cackles.

Also. Take part in contest! Superhero Quiz! Win prizes!

Update: Turbulence in Mumbai Boss

Yet Another Update: Turbulence in The Hindu. Also, I love Air India again; they have found my luggage and delivered it, which means I now have clothes again.

Update: First leg of tour now done. Chennai was also lovely, and Tishani Doshi is the most elegant, charming event host possible. Back in Delhi now. Air India, probably the Chennai sub-gang, has managed to lose my luggage, which is not a nice thing to happen when you’ve just finished a cross-country book tour and were travelling with most of the nice things you own.

On the bright side, though, there is this interview in the Mumbai Mirror, and this mini-review in the Telegraph (insert my usual murmurings about this not being a genre novel etc. here). Also, loose talk about Bollywood and bookbans in DNA.

Goa  later this month, I think, and then more to follow. Major Houseclean reporting for duty.

Another update: Calcutta launch done, Dr Abhijit Gupta was wonderful as usual, though the high point of the evening was unintended – he read women instead of men in a bit which talked about the hairy chests and unrepentant paunches of Indian men in the 80s.

Also, here’s the Times of India (I weakly reiterate, this isn’t a science fiction novel, really – it’s being sold as completely mainstream fiction in India, though you could call it a superhero novel or, in the west, an urban fantasy novel) and Mid-Day Mumbai on the book. Also, extract at IBNLive

I’m hoping to put the video of Cyrus Sahukar’s brilliant fake bodice-ripper reading at the Mumbai launch up soon.

Update: The Pune and Mumbai legs are done, and both of these legs were extremely fine, I thought. Meanwhile, Turbulence has been turbulating: We’re no.1 on Flipkart’s new releases and no.3 on The Hindu’s bestseller list (behind F. Forsyth and D. Baldacci, a plague on both their houses)

Just done with the Delhi launch of Turbulence, which went off particularly well, I thought. Thank you very much if you were one of the almost-300-strong and extremely glamorous crew that showed up; it is a good thing I did not know that many of you had come, or I might have been tempted to yell ‘This is Sparta!’ which wouldn’t have worked out well for anyone.

Here are links to the other Turbulence events coming up soon: Pune,23rd, Landmark, 630pm, with Saaz Agarwal, Mumbai,Mainland China Andheri W near Infinity, 7 pm, 25th, with Cyrus Sahukar, Kolkata, 7pm, 26th, at Oxford Bookstore with Dr Abhijit Gupta, Chennai, 7pm, Landmark Apex Centre, 3rd Nov, with Tishani Doshi. Do turn up if you can.

There will be more events, so do come back here around mid-November for updates if your city isn’t covered already. Bangalore, Hyderabad are definitely happening, and I’m hoping Goa and Kochi as well.

Here’s Ben Aaronovitch being extremely kind to the book.

Also, listen to the dulcet tones of Anindita Ghose and the strangled-robot voice of the author as Turbulence is discussed on the Lounge podcast


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9 thoughts on “Turbulence: Events and updates

  1. I would like to read the book looking at its rave reviews.

    Posted by Kulin Shah | November 21, 2010, 10:17 am
  2. Started reading ‘Turbulence’ after boarding a flight…wondered if I was’t tempting Fate…especially when it got a bit bumpy. But I live to tell the tale…with alas no superpowers. Yet.
    Fun read…thumbs up.

    Posted by PlaneJane | November 29, 2010, 8:42 pm
  3. Amazing read Samit! Kudos !

    Posted by Ishan Bishnoi | February 14, 2011, 11:23 am
  4. Best of Luck. Glad to hear it’s doing well. I’ll pick a copy too

    Posted by Kolkata | February 22, 2011, 5:15 pm
  5. Don’t know if you will read this, but come onto Goodreads if you have the time.


    Posted by axe | March 7, 2011, 12:34 pm
  6. What about a sequel, sir? You’ve left us hanging there.

    Posted by Paroma Chakravarty | March 12, 2011, 12:57 am
  7. You are such a pleasure to read! Well written article and keep up the work. Super likes.

    Original Sound Tracks “

    Posted by mohan gandhi | March 17, 2011, 3:14 pm
  8. Dear Samit,

    Just finished Turbulence yesterday at 2 AM. And wanted to say THANK YOU for the sheer delight that it was. It deserved to be at #1 in Oxford bookstore bestsellers’ list, along with all the other names that were there. I hope if it gets adapted into a movie, as Mirror report suggests, you do the screenplay as well. Best wishes, and waiting for another Morningstar adventure in the meantime (you left too many micro-plot ideas in the appendix – now you cannot escape ;).


    Posted by Indrajit Chatterjee | May 17, 2011, 9:17 pm
  9. I’m sure your book tour was a lot of fun. A friend adviced me to read to book, so I will do that. I’m sure it’s a great book.

    Posted by goedkope reis informatie | June 18, 2011, 9:41 pm

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