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Misquoted. Annoyed.

All hail Rehan

Cregiau crimes


Books 1, Life 0

Ruchir Joshi once told me that the biggest problem he had with writers who wrote their first books in their early twenties, or earlier, was that they’d seen nothing of life; how were they qualified to write? A very valid argument, despite the undeniable fact that I’m very unlikely to physically experience most of the … Continue reading

Have loads of work to do

Since morning, all I’ve gone is a) finished Viriconium b) played Reign of Chaos c) discussed ex-classmates’ sex lives online d) read more Ellis e) egosurfed friends – here’s to you Momo, Ani, Antara, Stoob, Loony Toons, Sunay, Nilanjana, Bini, Broto I love the Internet. gah. will work now, I swear.

Why did the duck…

…cross the road? Thanks for the link, Ranajit

Thus spake Zarazigga

Hearken, lowly mortals! Specifically, writer/aspiring-writer type lowly mortals in Calcutta! Thus spake the mighty Zig Caferati is (finally!) getting an active local chapter going in Cal. The details for the first first read-meet are up at http://www.ryze.com/ed.a?eventid=27759. The basics: Sun Apr 23, 2006 3:30 pm The Calcutta Punjab Club 21, Ballygunge Circular Road The two … Continue reading

On moderation

I’m not rejecting comments. The new template seems to be doing it on its own. And I don’t know enough HTML to fix it. So when you have stuff to say, just mail me, yes?

Happy 1413

Its not quite 1602, but its almost there. Shubho nababorsho to you, if you’re still hanging out at this sadly unfashionable corner of the blogosphere. Look, I got my blog new clothes and everything.

On thinness-related disorders: Hindustan Times

JK Rowling recently won more points among parents and children worldwide when she spoke out angrily on her website about the widespread idolization of ‘empty-headed, self-obsessed, emaciated clones’ with ‘oversized handbags and rat-sized dogs’ – no, not rival authors, but models and other celebrities with fake fast metabolisms and real eating disorders, the patron saints … Continue reading

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