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Falling Forest Trees.

Cover story on Indian fantasy in The Week. National newsmagazine, people. Walls, writing on . See, now we actually exist.

Here is your shopping list. Go.

You’re still reading this blog? Bless you. I will return properly once the book is done. But since you are here, you are clearly both patient and discerning. So. Go to a bookstore.Get this. The Barn Owl’s Wondrous Capers, Sarnath Banerjee (more launches coming up in various cities, so visit Sarnath’s site often. I’ll probably … Continue reading

Cheryl Morgan interview

Cheryl Morgan is a writer, reviwer and blogger who runs the popular SFF-news/reviews site Emerald City Q: Though this point of view comes from a country where there’s very little work in speculative fiction or comics going on, it seems to me that while earlier there was much concern about speculative fiction not being given … Continue reading


The following passage appeared in a recent Tehelka story on Kaavya Vishwanathan. Author Samit Basu rises to her defence, “If you wanted to steal from someone’s work, why would you pick obscure stuff?” The plot’s fairly original, but some paragraphs definitely seem a copy. Says he, “There are also speculations that maybe someone at the … Continue reading

Books 1, Life 0

Ruchir Joshi once told me that the biggest problem he had with writers who wrote their first books in their early twenties, or earlier, was that they’d seen nothing of life; how were they qualified to write? A very valid argument, despite the undeniable fact that I’m very unlikely to physically experience most of the … Continue reading

Judge rules

Am on the jury for the Oxford e-author contest. And the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival Flash Fiction contest. Do write. I don’t think they’ll give me a big placard with ‘JUDGE’ written on it as they did for the HT City fest (I got to tell Leila Seth that evening, with great glee, that I … Continue reading


it started off as a nice story about a writer who also sells tea…but then he started talking about Indian literature in general. And then, alas, entered Graham Chapman as the Colonel. Colonel: Now, I’ve noticed a tendency for this program to get rather silly. Now I do my best to keep things moving along, … Continue reading

Destiny, baby:)

London, 2002 and Delhi, 2005

Djinn and tonic

Met William Dalrymple at Rana’s party on Friday; Rana was obviously there too, so we had a Tehelka reunion, with Ruchir Joshi as honorary member. WD laughs uproariously, dances enthusiastically and reads this blog! Rana’s party was probably one of the Events of the Season – the only one I scored an invite for, anyway … Continue reading

Writer, fighter

eM has this nice post up about being in love with books/character and idolizing writers in her youth (ie about three weeks ago) and then growing up and having scales fall from her eyes when she met writers in real life. Its the worst thing to be if you like reading/films, a features journalist. Completely … Continue reading

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