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Turbulence review on Wired!

There’s something slightly unreal about seeing reviews of your book up on sites you’ve been reading and admiring for years. The IGN review day was a particularly surreal one… and today, there’s a Turbulence review out on Wired. “Turbulence has it all… Solid writing, great character development, humor, personal loss, and excellent points to ponder … Continue reading

Gameworld ebooks now out worldwide

It’s been more then ten years since I finished writing The Simoqin Prophecies, and decided that I wanted to do this writing thing for a living. A decade later, I’m still writing, and I’m most pleased that my first books available worldwide (some of the comics are, but this is the first of my novels) … Continue reading

The Soviet Hobbit

The Soviet “Hobbit”, 1976 | Retronaut. found this via Lavie Tidhar today – do have a look. Lovely illustrations from the Soviet edition of The Hobbit.

Events: UK book tour

So, from late September to mid October I’ll be in the UK, attending festivals, doing events and otherwise having a good time. Here’s the schedule as of now, there will be updates. Forbidden Planet Pre-Fantasy Con Event  – 6pm 27th September Fantasy con 11am 28th – 1pm 30th September (reading at 10am on Sat and Titan … Continue reading

Mind Meld

Congratulations to SF Signal for winning the 2012 Hugo for best fanzine! I’m in SF Signal’s Mind Meld this week. It’s on non-Anglo writer presence in the Hugo Awards.

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