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Indian children’s literature and spec-fic

The luckiest bibliophiles in the world are the ones who aren’t told what not to read as children, and can make up their own minds depending on what sort of book they actually like reading. A lot of these children grow up to be speculative fiction readers, some because they admire the incredible capacity of … Continue reading

Comics, graphic novels and Indian speculative fiction

Speculative fiction and comics have gone hand in hand from the verybeginning; even today, apart from the mainstream superhero comicbooks,which are essentially spec-fic, the greatest and best-known comicwriters in the world, like Alan Moore or Neil Gaiman, are wildlypopular for SF and fantasy creations which use the comic-book medium’sability to tell compelling stories and create … Continue reading

Thomas Abraham interview

Thomas Abraham is President and CEO of Penguin Books India Q: Penguin represents a lot of international publishers in India,including a number of leading SFF imprints. At this point of time,which are the most popular SFF sub-genres in India? A: –Actually we represent just one serious SFF imprint Orbit. Penguin US has a large range … Continue reading

Vandana Singh interview

Vandana Singh teaches Physics and writes speculative fiction and children’s books. Q: Are you working on a novel now? Is there anything you can revealabout it, if so? A: I have been intermittently working on a novel or three in the last few months. I say intermittently because my day job keeps me insanely busy, … Continue reading

Gotham Chopra interview

Gotham Chopra has played many roles in huge projects across media, from writing books to producing Hollywood movies. He is currently Chief Creative Officer at Virgin Comics and Animation Q: Graphic novels and comics are the fastest growing market in fiction today, and Virgin Comics and Animation seems like a fascinating project. You’re not only … Continue reading

Mary Anne Mohanraj interview

Mary Anne Mohanraj is a writer born in Sri Lanka. She’s actively involved in running SFF magazine Strange Horizons, DesiLit and the Speculative Literature Foundation. Q: A South Asian running a Speculative Literature Foundation. Fabulous. What’s the experience been like, and where is it going? A: Interesting, though we’re learning as we go, since spec … Continue reading

Payal Dhar interview

Payal Dhar‘s first novel, A Shadow in Eternity, a young adult fantasy novel, was recently published by Young Zubaan Q: You recently published a fantasy novel aimed at children/young adults.How has the experience been? Do you think there’s a market forspeculative fiction already, or is it a potential market?—Ans: There is already a thriving market … Continue reading

Manjula Padmanabhan interview

Manjula Padmanabhan is a writer, artist and cartoonist who writes, among various other things, speculative fiction for children and adults. Q: As a writer who’s done work across genres and across age groups andwho’s been published outside India, could you compare publishers’responses to your work? As in, how relatively difficult is it to getSF for … Continue reading

Jeff VanderMeer interview

Jeff VanderMeer is a multiple award-winning much-travelled American speculative fiction writer, author of spec-fic novels like Shriek and City of Saints and Madmen. He blogs at vanderworld.blogspot.com Q: While acknowledging that spec-fic isn’t monolithic and there are a hundred different directions it’s growing in at any time, what do you feel are the most exciting … Continue reading

Anil Menon interview

Anil Menon worked for about nine years in the software industry worrying about things like secure distributed databases. Then he shifted to a different kind of fiction. His short stories have been accepted for publication in magazines such as Albedo One, Chiaroscuro, Fusing Horizons, InterNova, Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet, New Genre, and Strange Horizons as … Continue reading

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