In Scroll, on House Arrest and the lack of Indian SF movies

In Wired, a post by Bruce Sterling sharing the FactorDaily interview with TG Shenoy. On Indian SF.

Video from FactorDaily Bangalore event on Indian SFF

A 2017 Q+A with Deccan Chronicle 

A 2018 catchup with The Telegraph

Procrastination assistance with The City Story 

In The Hindu and IMC, about the Stoob series post Mismatch Mayhem

In The Hindu, mostly about Testing Times

With ABC Melbourne about Indian superheroes and comicbook culture, an article and a radio show: Here and here.

About superheroes, spec-fic and Resistance at SF Signal

Much fun was had doing the Tor Pop Quiz at the End of the Universe.

Take Five:Resistance on Suvudu

Resistance: Interview at Forces of Geek

Stoob is in the Hindu, in an interview featuring me and a large number of dinosaurs.

In TimeOut, with the lovely Samina Mishra, author and filmmaker, who was kind enough to discuss Stoob with me recently.

An interview at Helter Skelter

An interview on India Reads (Stoob, mostly)

Resistance: Interview at Fanboy Comics

Suvudu interview: Turbulence

SF Signal interview: Turbulence

Turbulence in The Cultural Gutter

Interview at Geek Mundo.

Geek Native Interview

Interview at Popculture-y

Unleash the Fanboy interview.

Culture Mass

The Geek Girl Project

My Bookish Ways

Interview at Fanboy Comics 

Vox Magazine

TBTAMC – The most in-depth interview yet! On Turbulence.

Q and A at The Tattooed Book.

Interview at the British Fantasy Society.

Interview at Reader Dad

SFFWorld interview

World SF interview.

Untouchable in The Sunday Guardian

video of the panel on comics with Amruta Patil and Appupen at the Hindu LitforLife festival in Chennai.

Jaipur Literature Festival 2012 panel (Video of a 20-minute segment)

Interview about UnHoli on graphicindia.com

Mumbai Boss

Mumbai Mirror

The Cyrus Sahukar videos: Part 1 and Part 2

Mumbai Mirror on Turbulence going Bollywood.

Bloomberg UTVs report/review video

NDTV-Hindu report on a launch.

And interviews in Bookchums and Blogadda

Turbulence in The Hindu.

Interview in the Mumbai Mirror

Loose talk about Bollywood and bookbans in DNA.

Ben Aaronovitch being extremely kind to the book.

Lounge podcast


The Hindu

India Today

Washington Post

Business Standard / Rediff


The Week cover story on Emerging Indians

The Statesman


The Telegraph

The Hindu

The Indian Express

Outlook cover story on Indians under 25

Vandana Singh’s website

Claudia Kramatschek on new Indian writing

Video: Interview with Arte for the Frankfurt Book Fair 06


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