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Susan Boyle sings for the Kolkata Knight Riders

I dreamed a dream that we had won
But somehow Saurav’s bat was broken
And though he’s Bengal’s favourite son
It seems the fates, oh, they have spoken

Now our fortunes seem to lie
In the hands of this young Brendon
He seems an ok kind of guy
The kind of Kiwi we’ll depend on

And we still have Shah Rukh Khan
And those plastic dancing tribals
And that mantis-like Ishant
And that Shoaib who eats his rivals

And so this dream could still come true
Consider all the fans from Dhaka
So even if we’re beaten blue
We’ll be rolling in their taka


I had a dream that I would be
hitting fours off Aakash Chopra
And if I don’t, well twiddly-dee
I still get to sing on Oprah

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Writes books, comics, films, other stuff.


2 thoughts on “Susan Boyle sings for the Kolkata Knight Riders

  1. The match is underway as I type. So I’m basically not watching it. Let one never live to watch one’s homeside lose.
    Ms Boyle could also sing about the Moan United-Everton FA Cup semi-final match.

    Posted by Soumashree | April 19, 2009, 11:02 pm

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