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  1. Just guitar-battled and vanquished Slash. No biggie. heh.

  2. superbloat

  3. scanning old pictures

  4. ah don wanna wurk today

  5. thanks to everyone on my twitter feed bitching about the BSG finale and lowering expectations, i didnt mind it at all.

  6. spending days away from twitter and facebook causes no withdrawal symptoms at all. which is fine, but giving up blogging began like this.

  7. @decemberschild writer AND author? so young, so multitasky…

  8. collects self. back to work.

  9. i succumbed. guitar hero 3 it is. just blazed through ‘in the sunshine of your love’

  10. on amazon, my name spell-corrects to suit case

  11. thinking of putting some short stories online as an ebook

  12. http://tinyurl.com/c8yfrr BSGplans
  13. Excited about the #Hugo nominees. Gaiman, Vaughn, Galactica! from web

  14. I’m not saying we should initiate a nuclear holocaust to wipe out cockroaches. I’m saying they would die too, the bastards. from web

  15. Decisions, decisions. Decisions, decisions, decisions. from web

  16. So apparently cockroaches wouldn’t survive a nuclear holocaust. This is good news. from web

  17. Breakfast of champions from w
  18. ok, that plot’s not going to write itself.

  19. IGN’s top 100 game creators http://tinyurl.com/deo3hl

  20. Rereading Lost Girls. What a wholesome way to pass the time.

  21. i now have a quarter-century-worth of experience in avoiding work.
  22. Chair swivelling leftwards. Mystery. Either possessed by a wandering spirit or time to take a break. Unless my right brain has imploded.

  23. So, what, there were 16 policemen with sticks and one hurling 5 crates full of bullets?

  24. This is either an invasion of fake Indian celebrity tweeters, or a very funny world.

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