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Coming up slowly from a bit of a downturn – six projects I was working on have been cancelled or indefinitely postponed, which is a bit of a waste. On the upside, the art world seems to be opening new possibilities – the Public Eco-Art project was great, and Sarnath and I just sold some work in Spain, of all places. I’ve done more work on the new book in the last two weeks than I’ve been able to in the last couple of years, and new film and comics projects seem to be in the offing.
I’m in love again, as well – with my fantastic new computer and party-friendly new place, both fortunately acquired pre-recession. The porn anthology I wrote for and the Swiss-Indian comics anthology (did a story for it with Ashish Padlekar’s artwork on photos I took) should both be out soon. Just got paid, and well, for an India Today kinky sex story, but not going to do a sex cover story for ToI’s weekend supplement. Refuse to get typecast on two opposite ends of the ‘fantasy’ writing spectrum. Rewatching Entourage, Extras and 30 Rock instead.

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One thought on “You have (1) messages

  1. The Recession Blues, everywhere we go.
    oh well, maybe the end is near.

    Posted by shesturningblue | March 3, 2009, 2:11 pm

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