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Double emergence

The Week is now my favourite magazine. There was the Indian fantasy thing, and now my bit in this week’s cover story on emerging Indians will explain why.

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Novelist. Best known for fantasy and science fiction work. Most recently, The City Inside (Tordotcom)/Chosen Spirits (Simon and Schuster)


One thought on “Double emergence

  1. Love your books! I’ve been reading your blog for a while as well, but haven’t commented much due to shear laziness (shear is stressful, ask any mechanical engineer). You probably won’t answer this, but any chance we’ll get to see the kickass manticore in Unbawa as well? That guy was such a badass. And then, the concept of converting the bones from one’s food into poison-tipped darts. Ah.. so… elegant! Would love to see more such characters in your books.

    The one thing that I truly like about your writing is the complexity you put in your characters. Just because a rakshasa happens to snack on humans, even if it is a high-cholesterol diet, doesn’t make it evil, right?

    One small annoyance though… why do you start your books in such a complex way. Its almost like you’re dropping your readers in the deep-end right from page one. It takes a bit of perseverance to actually pick up all the threads… and there’s so many of them anyway!

    In any case, love your writing (did that end up sounding gay?). Non-sequitur: I saw this movie called Zatoichi a few daze ago and about enjoyed it as much as your books.

    Posted by asliarun | August 16, 2007, 7:03 pm

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